Safety & Health

At Kavlico Position & Force Sensors, a brand of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST), we care about our employees and are committed to promoting a safe and healthy environment where each employee can perform the best job in the best conditions. To ensure our ambition we rely on our CST safety management system which is based on the following guiding principles:

Continuous improvement

We manage continuous improvement and safer working conditions with measurable Health and Safety objectives.

CST management regularly report, review, and analyze risks, incidents, safety performance, corrective and preventive actions at local level and at CST level.

Empowered employees

Employees are empowered and accountable for their safety and are expected to question or stop work if they perceive health or safety hazards. As a team working together towards creating and maintaining a safe workplace, employees have a responsibility to identify and report safety hazards. CST reinforces its safety standards by providing recognition for safe behavior and consequences for unsafe behavior.


CST provides ergonomically designed workstations and tools and performs regular ergonomics assessments for maximum employee comfort and work efficiency. Ergonomic and lifting training sessions are provided to employees on a regular basis and lifting tools are used whenever possible.

Tools and protection equipment

Task-specific tools and personal protection equipment are validated and maintained in safe condition. Specific personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided and mandatory.

Safe machines

We provide intrinsically safe machines equipped with protection panels and interlock systems. Our machines are electrically safe and LOTO capable. All our sites are equipped with effective smoke and gas evacuation systems.

Safe work areas

We maintain safe work areas ensuring that our facilities, wherever they are, meet all safety standards. The work area furniture and appliances are safe, aisles are clean and delimited. Hazardous traffic is managed and hazardous materials stored safely.